Why Choose Elixir8®?

Elixir8 - Transdermal GcMAF Products

Elixir8® – the next generation of GcMAF

GMP laboratory produced transdermal creams for health & wellbeing

We have developed the highest quality and most scientifically advanced GcMAF products available on the market. Our proprietary formula helps the body heal and restore a natural balance through the powerful properties of GcMAF and other key ingredients.

When it comes to your health you should never settle for second best and nor do we.  

That is why all Elixir8® products contain the following key benefits and have set the international benchmark for utilizing GcMAF.

Through our meticulous research and development, we have created our Elixir8® creams in such a way that we have enhanced its ability to permeate the skin penetrating the skin barrier and effectively reach the lymphatic system to activate the macrophages and support the immune system. This is our own proprietary blend.

Sublingual administration of Elixir8® GcMAF involves spraying the solution under the tongue and holding it there for a brief period of time.

When using our products sublingually the Elixir8® GcMAF is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the bloodstream there for bypassing the acidic environment of the stomach

Then it can reach the lymphatic system where it interacts with the macrophages activating the immunes system’s response to various health challenges.

What is GcMAF & How Does it Work?

Why choose Elixir8®?

ISO ISO22716 certified production
Produced in a GMP certified Australian laboratory
Slow 7 day release transdermal formula
Is NOT made from serum or human materials
Designed for activation of endogenous GcMAF
Tested to ensure no unwanted side-effects from use
A proprietary enrichment & purification procedure
Stringent laboratory manufactured quality control
Our unique IP formula not available anywhere else
Rigorously developed and tested since 2008
Quality airtight packaging for maximum effectiveness
Organic Colostrum sourced from a Certified Bio-Dynamic Farm
No GMO’s