The Role Of Macrophages And Nagalese

What is a Macrophage?

A Macrophage cell is a specific type of blood cell, whose job it is to kill off bacteria viruses in the body, tumor cells cancer cells etc.

Tumor and cancer cells give off (or release) a certain enzyme called Nagalase. Nagalase degrades your body’s Gc proteins to the point where your body can’t produce it’s own GcMAF anymore. When this happens your immune system deteriorates and becomes defenseless against disease and illness associated with a depleted immune system.

What is a Macrophage?

* Illustrative diagram of a Macrophage engulfing a Tuberculosis cell

Macrophages are actually like a ‘cleanup crew’. When you have tissue damage such as a bruising, they will move into the area and clean up all the dead tissue. Their major job is to find abnormal cells, kill them and remove them from the body. Therefore your activated Macrophage will jumpstart the entire immune response.

What is Nagalase?

Nagalase is an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is secreted by cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion. It is also an intrinsic component of the envelope protein of various viruses such as HIV and the influenza virus.

There has been over 100 scientists who have published numerous research papers showing evidence that GcMAF repairs the immune system and can destroy cancer cells and other infectious diseases. These diseases release an enzyme called Nagalase and this enzymes destroys and prevents the products of your own GcMAF, which is a protein necessary for the activation of macrophages and the result of this is a suppressed immune system so your body can not fight its own infection.