Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience here are answers to some commonly asked questioned by our customers. If your question is not answered here, please contact our support team via the button below and we will be more than happy to provide you with additional assistance.

What is GcMAF?2023-09-20T20:38:13+10:00

GcMAF is a naturally occurring protein found in all healthy humans. It is a replacement therapy for those who can not make their own GcMAF naturally – usually if their immune system is depleted It replaces the missing part of the immune system and when it is properly produced it is perfectly sterile and safe.

It is actually a replacement therapy for those who’s own immune system is depleted. GcMAF neutralizes the immune suppressing enzyme Nagalase and then binds with Vitamin D to activate, regulate and expand the macrophages to become cytotoxic to tumours, viruses, pathogens and bacteria.

Are there any known side-effects from using your products?2023-09-20T20:37:55+10:00

Our products are perfectly safe to use as directed, the side effect may be a mild detoxification, but many have said that they have more energy and feel so much more alive and better .

How long until I can expect to see results?2023-09-20T20:37:35+10:00

It varies on the person, the issue and the regularity of use .

Can children use your products?2023-09-20T20:37:12+10:00

Yes children can use any of our products under the supervision of adults.

Are your products tested on animals?2023-09-20T20:36:52+10:00

No none of our products are tested on animals.

Where are your products made and manufactured?2023-09-20T20:36:31+10:00

All products are produced in a GMP certified Australian laboratory, ISO22716 certified production

What else can I do or take to help the GcMAF?2023-09-20T20:35:37+10:00

Ensuring you receive enough Vitamin D is the most important thing in relation to assisting the GcMAF. This will help transport the GcMAF throughout the body and also aid in the production of new GcMAF. Ensure you are supplementing at last 5000iu per day Vitamin D3, or spending sufficient time in the sun dependent on your location and skin tone for this. Additionally it goes without saying that a healthy diet, plenty of water, some physical activity and a good night’s sleep are all important parts of any healing process, as well as continuing any other treatments and advice given to you by your doctor or physician.

Can I use GcMAF alongside other medicines and treatments?2023-09-20T20:36:13+10:00

Yes. GcMAF is a complimentary therapy which is safe and effective to be used alongside all other treatments and medications except:

a) any type of immunosuppressant medication (medications which suppress the immune system instead of boosting it like GcMAF does)
b) most opioid-based pain medications

Although it is not harmful in any way to use GcMAF alongside these, they may render it ineffective. If you have any concerns about using GcMAF with the above-mentioned medications, or anything else you may currently be taking, please consult with your doctor.

Do you sell GcMAF injections?2023-09-20T20:33:41+10:00

No. There was too many safety issues and controversies associated with previous manufacturers doing this in the past. Instead we developed the Super Strength cream as an alternative. This product delivers similarly high levels of GcMAF via transdermal absorption through the skin to the intended area. Our sublingual spray is also a very effective way to administer GcMAF which you may wish to consider too.

How do I use the creams and sprays?2023-09-20T20:35:06+10:00

The creams are transdermal and designed to absorb through the skin into lymph nodes and then circulate throughout the lymphatic system. For this reason it is best to apply the cream to skin around lymph nodes closest to your region/s of concern. If your concern is non-topical or you are using for general immune boosting purposes, the best place to apply the cream is on either side of the lower neck region.

The sprays are sublingual and can be sprayed once under the tongue and held. The formula needs to absorb through the thin layer of tongue tissue into the capillaries and not be digested. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 15 minutes before and after using the spray. Repeat twice a day or once daily for general maintenance/preventative purposes.

Click on the image below to view a larger version showing how to use the products.

How do I store your products?2023-09-20T20:34:02+10:00

Please store our creams and sprays in a cool dry place, and once opened keep them in the fridge between use. Unopened they will withstand high temperatures for extended periods but once opened the formula becomes more sensitive. At all times please store products away from children and pets to avoid misuse.

How does your slow release formula work?2023-09-20T20:30:47+10:00

The GcMAF as we have made is slow release as we use a special hyaluron and it slow releases into the body.

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