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Advanced GcMAF Transdermal Creams

Elixir8® is a global team of specialist microbiologists, scientists and pharmacists. Our mission is to deliver the highest-grade GcMAF products to the people that need them the most. After extensive research, development and testing we have come up with a unique proprietary transdermal formula. This is simply the most advanced, effective and safest way to benefit from the many health benefits offered by GcMAF.

The results speak for themselves.

Elixir8 - Transdermal GcMAF Products

Elixir8® – Transdermal GcMAF Products

GMP laboratory-grade transdermal creams for health and wellbeing

We have developed the highest quality and most scientifically advanced GcMAF products available on the market. Our proprietary formula helps the body heal and restore a natural balance through the powerful properties of GcMAF and other key ingredients. When it comes to your health you should never settle for second best and nor do we. That is why all Elixir8® products contain the following key benefits and have set the international benchmark for utilizing GcMAF.

What is GcMAF & How Does it Work?

What is GcMAF & How Does it Work?

When it comes to GcMAF there is a lot of varying information about it on the internet. Like many non-traditional medical breakthroughs there are strong opinions from many sources and personal interests on it

GcMAF has no side effects and is a naturally occurring protein in humans. It is an essential component to a properly functioning immune system. Essentially it empowers the body to heal itself. GcMAF has 3 sugar molecules attached to it – B and T cells in the body remove one sugar molecule each leaving GcMAF, which has only one sugar molecule remaining. It is at this point where the positive effects commence.

Disease, cancer, viruses, infections, inflammation or even stress or trauma may succeed in releasing sufficient Nagalase enzyme to incapacitate the Gc protein, which in turn prevents the body from making its own GcMAF. When GcMAF is re-introduced into the body as a treatment or what one would call a replacement therapy, Nagalase does not recognize GcMAF and will not and cannot destroy it.

The new GcMAF can then again fight bacteria’s, viruses and infections which was it’s original job in the first place. GcMAF is therefore a replacement therapy for those who can’t make their own GcMAF. Taking GcMAF replaces the missing part of the immune system, and acts as the body’s own internal medicine. By reintroducing GcMAF the 20 important actions it is responsible for administering recommence and then the immune system is rebuilt again.

Assists a Wide Range of Health Issues

Active GcMAF and other Organic Ingredients for Health & Wellbeing

Since 2008 there have been numerous studies and literally thousands of personal testimonies from those who have successfully used GcMAF replacement therapy. The results of these have shown it to have helped an incredibly large array of diseases, illnesses, allergies and other health conditions.

Elixir8 Science & Research

GcMAF Research and Our Unique Approach

The latest advancements using GcMAF as a replacement therapy

Over the past decade there have been hundreds of reports and studies advocating the role of GcMAF replacement therapy. Additionally there have been literally thousands of users of this amazing treatment provide testimony how it has helped them. If you do a search on the US Library of Medicine for GcMAF related studies you will discover papers published by more than 180 scientists in this field. Furthermore there is yet to be found any negative side-effects from using this therapy. After all GcMAF is simply a naturally-occurring protein in the human body. All we are doing with replacement therapy is helping those whose body cannot produce enough GcMAF for it to fulfill its crucial role in helping fight illness and regulating health.

For our own research and development we spent many years to ensure our products are the best on the market. Our team of scientists and technicians have many decades experience working with GcMAF and other natural health products. The special transdermal formula we developed has an extremely high absorption rate. This means it is received into the body more actively than any other GcMAF cream produced. Furthermore our formula does not contain any human or animal materials like other alternatives. We extract the GcMAF from organic colostrum, sourced from certified biodynamic farms, however the end-product does NOT have casein – just pure GcMAF proteins. We DO NOT test on animals. This means when you choose Elixir8® you are choosing a 100% ethical and sustainable proven solution.

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